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Q. I am a Mini enthusiast, but currently don't have a car of my own. Can I still join?

A. Of course!! Even if you don't have a Mini, we welcome all Mini enthusiasts!


Q. Do you cater for all Classic Cars?

A. Yes, we were originally formed to cater for the Classic Mini but so many members have other Classics as well we realised we had widened our interests.Don't be fooled by the name.


Q. How do I join?

A. Come along to a club meeting - the second Thursday of the month at The Trout Inn, Lechlade -on-Thames


Q. How do I add videos to the website? currently down for maintenance

  1. Go to the ‘Videos’ tab

    1. Click on ‘+Add video’

    2. If you haven’t already signed in it will remind you here.

    3. Decide if you want to chose an existing channel or create a new one

  2. Under ‘Add a video’ you have the choice of ‘URL’, ‘Embed Code’, or ‘Search’

    1. ‘URL’ This is for adding videos already on the internet at You Tube or similar sites. Just type in or cut and paste the URL (web address) into the box, add a title and description and select ‘Submit’.

    2. ‘Search’ is similar except it gives you the option to search You Tube.

    3. ‘Embed’ gives you the option to upload your own video.

      1. This is done by first uploading it to another site such as This is fairly straightforward, firstly go to The first time you have to register but it takes no time at all. Follow the instructions to upload your video. Once uploaded click on a little paper aeroplane symbol. This is the share function. Click on Embed and select and copy the code.

      2. Go to Minifixers/add videos and paste into the ‘Embed Code’ box.

      3. Clicking on Submit would load the video but without a thumbnail on the video index, you need to add a picture from another source on the internet. One way is by going to Google images and looking for a picture. Select one and go to the picture itself and copy the URL. Paste this URL into the Minifixers/add Video/Embed/ Thumbnail URL.

      4. Add a Title and Description and click Submit.

      5. That should do it! This does seem a bit of a chore but is not unknown on other websites. Once you have done it once it is easy.

  3. Loading a video from Facebook. Full instructions are here: -