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This weekend ive been mostly living with my Mini in the garage!!!!!!! L.O.L!!!!!!!!

Ive fitted my Maniflow 3 branch manifold with lagging wrap and ive also fitted my RED samco type coolant hoses i got off ebay.

Both jobs were quite easy to do and i took her out for a spin up the A361 earlier and she went like a rocket!!!!!!!

Managed to get the bulk head polished too with all the Zorst manifold off and ive now got alot more fingers/hand room with the new Maniflow fitted as it does away with the crappy old heat shield that takes up alot of space in there. I can now see alot more of my shiney parts ive fitted that were other wise hidden. Good eh!!!!!

Just got me set of RED seatbelts to get fitted and then she is pretty much all done and ready to enjoy and show. I might get Swindon " Super chips" out to see if he can upgrade my ECU or just chip it to give me alittle more power/fuel gains maybe.

I estimate now with the Full straight through Zorst mods and the K&N induction kit and the hoses im maybe pushing out approx 80 BHP now from the standard 69 BHP?????? Thoughts please on this appreciated???? i think im now running at stage 2 with stage 3 requiring a full cylinder head reworking and a fast camshaft which im not much bothered about to be honest but if it has to be done im sure it will be!!!!!!

Regards, Brendan

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"upgrade my ECU"

I don't think it is possible to upgrade a Rover ECU.


April 28, 2013 at 1:18 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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We shall see matey!!!!! Hee hee

April 29, 2013 at 7:26 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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Computer says no!


Got a life ..... Got a Mini ...... Re-living my youth!!

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